Courses and Prices.

Types of classes:

  • FREE MEET AND GREET CLASS (up to 30 minutes)

  • OET (Minimum B2/IELTS 6/6.5 level required. If less, you will need general English classes first, which I can assist with).


  • General Medical English (conversation classes about themes and topics surrounding health and medicine, incorporating all 4 skills)

  • Interview practice

  • Improving communication with patients and colleagues

  • Writing referrals/letters/emails

  • Personalised classes to meet specific requirements.

Prices (based on 1 hour/1 student):

  • 1 class 35 GBP 

  • 5 classes 30 GBP per class

  • 10 classes 25.00 GBP per class

  • 20 classes 23.00 GBP per class

  • Writing feedback service: 2 letters for 25 GBP with detailed feedback.

Homework will be given at the end of each class for you to do self study. I have created a lot of my own activities as well as having access to the OET PPP folder.

If a writing homework is provided, 1 letter will be checked outside of class time if submitted minimum 24 hours before the class with feedback about each area of the criteria. 

Classes available on Skype for groups up to 4, if your level is the same. Please email to find out about group costs. 

3 months to use a package.

24 hours required to cancel/change a class, or class will be charged. 


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